Pink Bubbles (final draft: short version)

To Americans,

An electric shock pulsed through my cold body. Hours later the heart announced life with a single resounding thud and slowly sped to a living rate. My eyes wrenched themselves open, tearing apart a crusty mucous scab that allowed no light. I awoke, cold and alone in a drab brown world. The dirt under my toes was wet with a soapy dampness and the sky above reflected shades of the same dirty fecal brown. Looking out across the horizon I saw a herd of sparkles moving across the sewage-land. When they came closer their shape and color revealed itself. Pink bubbles; transparent but tinted, infused with glitter so as to mimic a mirror ball. The spheres bounced off one another but never lost contact; they moved autonomously but the herd moved in a singular direction. Noises emanated from the bubbles, sounds of sick, sardonic laughter and a cacophony of voices. The caustic glittery pink bubbles began to surround me, the laughter ever growing. Then, from under the laughter I could hear a sentiment begin to amplify. “What are you?” “How dare you.” and “Why are you here?” slithered through forked tongues. Each question was spat at me, cloaked in acrid laughter. I began to see who resided inside these pink glittery bubbles. Mutated boys and girls, their faces beautifully human, smiling, happy, but their bodies made of scales and in place of legs and feet grew serpent tails. Each had the entirety of their happy life painted upon the pink walls. The stories were all the same and began, “happily ever after…” Each story was set on pretty pink plains with pretty pink people exploring pretty pink possibilities.


For seven days I studied the creatures inside the bubbles. On the seventh I slowly began to understand these inhabitants. My body shuddered as comprehension of the horror filled my mind. The children of the pink glittery bubble herd could not realize that the pretty pink plains they lived on were drab, foul and filthy. From inside their bubbles everything appeared pink and sparkled like a clean chrome fixture. None of the bubble-dwellers took the time to look behind the beautiful smiling faces of their neighbors. Personal happiness was all that mattered and a smiling beautiful face was the sole indicator of personal happiness. They had no idea of the scaly serpentine ugliness that existed in each neighboring bubble and even in their own. I couldn’t stand the sight of such ignorance, such shameless self-deception, so I ran. I ran until I found a cliff at the edge of the plain. Without a second thought I hurled myself off the cliff hoping the impact would knock the memories of such an awful place from my head. As my body was impaled by the rocks below, I awoke—comfortable, clean, and warm.


From my bed I looked around in euphoria. My entire room, the walls, ceiling, door, furniture, was all sparkling and pink. My story was written above my head and it began, “happily ever after…” Safe and happy again, I got out of my bed and slithered away to fulfill my pretty pink destiny.



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