Random ramblings on the shambolic European project

It hit me today.

It should have been clear that enclosing a large geographic and diverse space–Europe–and infusing the institution of authority within that space–European Union–with a singular ideology–neo-liberalism–would produce the same outcomes that spreading neo-liberal across the globe in the last 30-40 years has produced.

[I could go on about Prebisch, Wallerstein, dependency theory and world systems theory… but this is a blog, not an academic paper! So, I’ll save it.]

Especially considering that the ideology behind both is essentially the same, it is mystifying that the leaders of the EU (its advocate-promoters as well) seem so shocked that a core-periphery dynamic has appeared within their more perfect Union.

What other form of socio-political-economic order could ever manifest itself in a system built upon neo-liberalism? Socialist paradise? Yeah. Keep up the collective fantasy.

[Are we all German now, or do some of us still have brains?]


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