Bradley Manning and world hegemony

It’s becoming ever-more clear how pervasive the current hegemony is in relation to not simply just politics, but–in a Gramscian sense–civil society itself. 

Recently Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International chose not to designate Bradley Manning as a political prisoner. This is a direct consequence of HRW and AI being reabsorbed into the international-state system through the integration of “approved” NGOs into the UN. (The first of these “approved” NGOs was none other than the Red Cross.) Because HRW and AI are now incorporated into the system, they have concrete interests aligned with that system  and its maintenance. The dominant fraction in that system is the USA and thus the internal enemies of the USA are off-limits to the alleged ‘independent’ civil organisations that are meant to tame and mediate State abuses.

There is a second example, on a smaller–but no less significant–scale that demonstrates the incredible pervasiveness of the current hegemony. The San Francisco Gay Pride parade voted to have Bradley Manning as their Grand Marshal (obviously a ceremonial title seeing as Pvt. Manning is locked away deep in a US military prison). Within a few days the “board of directors” of the parade–which is incidentally headed by a former high-ranking Obama campaign official–overturned the election of Manning. 

What we see here is the amazing ability of the current system to reabsorb even its antagonists. HRW, AI and SF Pride were all created to be institutions in opposition–protest–of the status quo. Instead, all three have been accepted and embedded into the hegemony and now make decisions based upon the interests of the continued dominance of the current system rather than an actual radical agenda.


Sad days. 


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